We possess a complete selection of high-value Sapphire gemstones which extends from 2cts – 20cts sizes in various shapes and price ranges. Our gems are collected from reputable mines around the world including Sri Lanka and Madagascar. All our Sapphires are ethically sourced and then certified upon necessity. PCI can offer an exquisite array of singles, matched pairs, and layouts to fancy the taste of any designer or retailer.


PCI specializes in providing diamond cut Melee in sizes ranging from 1mm – 4mm. We offer these in a wide variety of shades and quantities, and cover the entire spectrum of blue, pink, white and yellow colors. Our Melee are machine cut and assorted tirelessly to maintain a consistent and high-quality standard. Having a strong supply in assorted Melee goods, we are committed to providing an exemplary product to our clients.


PCI’s vast inventory of Calibrated Sapphires starts with 4x3mm – 10x8mm sizes in various shapes like Round, Oval, Pear, Emerald cut, Princess cut, Step cut square, Baguette, and more. We are also well-equipped to cut fancy shapes such as Cadillac, kite, half-moon, trapezoid for special orders. The above-mentioned sizes range in different shades and qualities which we carry in our extensive and well-assorted inventory. Retailers love working with us for the consistency and efficient service that we provide to them.