Shri Keshrimal Ji Kothari

(1884 – 1956)


(1915- 1975)

The KGK Group originated in 1905 when Shri Keshrimalji Kothari began trading Burmese colored gemstones in Jaipur, India. His principled and passionate approach is evident even today throughout our company. Inspired by his father’s vision, Shri Ghisilalji Kothari helped establish our tradition for innovation and diversity, and led the group’s initial growth and expansion.

The company prospered exponentially and grew into a leading multinational corporation under our third-generation leadership. We continue to conduct our business according to the highest principles of faith, respect, and integrity that guided our founders

KGK first Shop in Chennai, India

Ancestral home in Jaipur, India



As the KGK Group grew its footprint across the globe, Vinay Kothari stepped foot in New York in 1973 to establish Precious Trade Inc. The company has not looked back since and has grown consistently under Vinay’s direction. Over the course of decades, Vinay built strong relationships with miners and suppliers in various stone centers around the world, including Brazil, Colombia, Geneva, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Zambia, to name a few. A master of rough, he then vertically integrated the operation by developing manufacturing capabilities in India and Thailand to cut & polish the raw material. Under Vinay’s astute leadership and vision, Precious Trade has established itself as a leading global supplier of cut & polished gemstones. Today, Vinay Kothari is a universally respected name in the global gem world and admired for his uncompromising quality standards, reputation, and integrity.

In 2010, his son Vinamra (Vin) Kothari joined the business to carry the family legacy forward. Initially under the supervision of his elders, he honed his craft and absorbed the intricacies of the existing business. In 2014, Vin made a bold move to rebrand the company and strategically reposition it for the long-term future; this is how Precious Colors Inc. was created. He has been instrumental in growing the sales and distribution of gemstones and finding new avenues to add more value to the business. Known for his keen eye for detail and organizing skills, he has worked diligently towards creating a more streamlined business operation. Armed with innovative ideas and a clear vision, Vin Kothari is leading Precious Colors towards the future and driving the business forward on a larger scale.



Values aren’t what we do at Precious Colors Inc., it’s who we are – principles that have been passed down from generation to generation and are deeply rooted in everything we do. As we continue to grow and evolve, our relationships and actions are guided by the values imbibed in our ethos. We have immense pride in our ability to balance our ambitions and continued growth while firmly upholding the principles handed down from our forefathers.

At Precious Colors, our purpose is not simply to exist – but rather to grow and contribute something lasting to the jewelry industry. This quest would not have been possible without your continued partnership and faith in us. We are forever grateful for your support over the years and can be certain in saying that we would not be here today without your backing. Your belief in us drives us even further in our pursuit of excellence; whether it is procuring raw material, cutting and polishing stones, or distributing these gems to our clients world over. Just as each stone has its own unique journey, we are truly proud of each and every relationship that we have built and nurtured since our inception.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our journey since 1905 and into the future…